Hi Chris. I respect that, as I understand from your comment, you didn’t like my article. However, I believe that "frustratingly vague" is an exaggeration as a label for its content. As I mention, energy democracy is an emerging social movement that promotes the increased role of citizens in the context of the energy transition. According to my research, there is not an extensive academic work about the subject, and as it is a new concept, you can understand why. Regardless, by writing this article my main goal was not to write an extensive bibliographic overview on what energy democracy is, but to state briefly why is important. At the same time what I wanted to achieve was to inform people about the concept and intrigue them to do their own further research, which I believe is the way to truly learn about any issue. I hope that I have at least motivated you to do so. Thanks for taking time to read my article. Maybe in the future I will follow your suggestion...and write a more detailed follow up article about the subject.

Environment| Sustainability| Life|| LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/athina-kontolati

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